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Bolt action scenario: hold the line


Your front line troops are exhausted, but the enemy is still closing in. Get as many as possible off the line and replaced with fresh units whilst keeping the enemy at bay.


Both players roll a die with the highest deciding whether to attack or defend. The defender then chooses a side of the table to play from, with the attacker taking the opposite side.

The defender sets up half his units (rounding down) anywhere on their side of the table, but no more than 6" away from the middle of the table. The rest of their units are placed in reserve and may enter the table from turn 2 onwards. The attacker then sets up their units on their side of the table, no more than 12" away from the table edge. The attacker may keep up to half their units (rounding down) in reserve. Outflanking is allowed.

Units that can forward deploy (such as snipers) and units that can perform a pre game move (such as US Rangers) may do so.


The defender is trying to replace as many units on the line as possible whilst keeping the enemy at bay. The attacker is trying to breech the defensive line. The defender's units that start the game on the table may move off the defender's table edge during play.

Turn one

Before the first order dice is drawn, for each unit of the defenders army that is on the table, roll a d6 and apply the result from the following table. (This represents the general worn down nature of the troops.)

Game duration

The game lasts for six turns. At the end of the sixth turn, roll a die. On a result of 4+ a seventh turn is played, otherwise the game ends.


Calculate which player has won by adding up victory points at the end of the game. To win a player must have 2 or more victory points than their opponent.

Victory points are awarded as follows: