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Bolt Action scenario: bridgehead


Your forces have found a bridge across a river. Can you establish a foothold on the other side before the enemy counter attack?


Place a river running the width of the table 12" from one of the long table edges. Place a bridge on the middle of the river. The bridge is the only way to cross the river. The rest of the table can be setup in a mutually agreeable manner.

Both players roll a die, with the highest deciding weather to attack or defend. The attacker takes the side of the table with the river and bridge, the defender takes the opposite side.

Up to half of each player's forces (rounding down) may be kept in reserve, and outflanking is not allowed. The rest of the units form the players first wave. Units that can forward deploy (such as snipers) may do so. Units that can perform a pre game move (such as US Rangers) may do so. Units belonging to the attacking player can only setup on thier side of the river.


The attacker is trying to establish a foothold on the otherside of the bridge. The defender is trying to stop them.

Turn One

Players bring on their first wave units giving them either a run or advance order. Note no orders test is necessary for units in the first wave. Units already on the table may be given any order.


The game lasts for six turns. At the end of the sixth turn roll a die. On a result of 4+ a seventh turn is played, otherwise the game ends.


The attacker scores one point for each unit that ends the game on the other side of the river. In addition they score one point for each enemy unit destroyed.

The defender scores two points for each enemy unit destroyed.